Overflow Urinary Incontinence

Also known as: ‚Äúdetrusor atony‚ÄĚ.

The bladder enters a state of ‚Äúpermanent fullness‚ÄĚ at which point urine may passively leak, or overflow, through the urinary sphincter which cannot withstand constant pressure.

Typically overflow incontinence is caused by either some form of obstruction, which restricts normal flow or urine out of the bladder, or a detrusor muscle weakness. The detrusor muscle normally causes the bladder to contract and expel the urine, but if it is too weak the bladder is never properly emptied. This condition is known as ‚Äúdetrusor atony‚ÄĚ.

If a weak detrusor muscle is indeed the problem detrusan¬ģ electrical stimulation therapy can exercise the detrusor muscle to restore the strength it needs to fully void the bladder.

Obstruction may be caused by:

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