Investor Relations

To the medical community, what we do is perceived as great contributions. We develop medical products that redefine therapies and improve the lives of patients. Harnessing innovation to make medical breakthroughs accessible is our passion and focus...

Paul Lambert, Chairman and CEO


EMED is growing through product development and acquisitions and it offers attractive investment opportunities. The company has sustained profitable growth and is poised to capitalize on new acquisitions.

The business plan outlines vertical integration to enahnce EMED's manufacturing infrastructure as well as diversification into new product lines that offer important therapeutic alternatives.

The structure of planned acquisitions contemplates independend modules that ensure sustainability and adequate control mechanisms. By making each acquisition a division or subsidiary, it is possible to make compatible companies that have different ROI and profitability, while allowing common resources to be shared.

Investment Opportunities

EMED Corporation has been integrated with Organic Growth, Joint Ventures and Acquisitions. Specific investment opportunities are available for qualified investors. For further information contact: