detrusan® Urinary Incontinence Treatment

detrusan® is a breakthrough urinary incontinence therapy. It is a programmable electrical stimulation device that offers the most effective stimulation system for the treatment of Urinary Incontinence available.

detrusan® therapy is the result of years of Clinical Research at leading institutions in Europe and United States. The focus of this research has been the study of stimulation parameters to optimize IntraVesical Electrical Stimulation (IVES).

IVES is the delivery of electrical pulses into the inside of the bladder by means of detruset® (a proprietary device that optimizes insertion, set up and delivery of electrical stimulation to the “bladder system”).

These artificially generated electrical pulses are programmed within detrusan® delivered via detruset® through the Urethra into the bladder. detruset® is the active electrode and it uses the electrical conductive properties of the urine inside the bladder to allow for the electrical current to travel to the various muscles of the bladder system including the Detrusor, Pelvic Floor muscles and other fibers in the urinary system.

Each therapy session lasts approximately 15 minutes and delivers optimized Electrical Stimulation to the bladder muscles. There is no pain. This special electric signal controls the muscles and builds their tone back.