Why detrusan® ?

It has been used in hospitals and clinics in various countries since 1995 with outstanding results. Clinical studies have shown detrusan® to be highly effective when treating various types of incontinence.


It was originally designed with the input of world leading institutions around the world. detrusan® has been designed to take advantage of decades of clinical research. It incorporates a wide variety of stimulation protocols that have been optimized for specific conditions.

detrusan® provides a means to exercise the Urethral Sphincters and the Detrusor. This therapy does not rely on medication or surgery, and it offers a highly effective alternative to re-tone the bladder muscles and gain urinary control.

detrusan® / detruset® therapy is simple, painless and effective

A patented special transurethral catheter has been developed and offers the most powerful stimulation results for bladder control in the world. Catheters are available in three different sizes to facilitate their use depending on the size of the patient.

Engineered Solution

detrusan® has been engineered to incorporate the best features and electrical parameters based on valuable input from key researchers around the world.

The best results of bladder stimulation therapy are obtained when the appropriate stimulation parameters are used in conjunction with the catheter or probe. Therapy should start an hour after the last micturition so that the bladder can contain at least 125 ml of fluid during the therapy.

This maximizes the transfer of ions throughout the inner bladder walls and the rehabilitation effects.

No Side Effects

The detrusan® / detruset® devices and therapy, have no known side effects during years of clinical use.

Therapeutic effects post use

detrusan® therapy is simple and its results have been shown to outlast other therapies. It restores the tone of the Sphincters and the Detrusor.