Urge Urinary Incontinence

Also known as “overactive bladder (OAB)”; “detrusor instability”; “phasic detrusor hyperreflexia”; “irritable bladder”; "Hyperactive bladder"; “spasmodic bladder”; “idiopathic urge incontinence”; “idiopathic detrusor overactivity” (IDO) and “unstable bladder”.

Urine leakage caused by a sudden inappropriate contraction of the "detrusor" muscle (the detrusor is the muscle that “squeezes” your bladder to force urine out). Typical bladder function is characterized by an automatic/involuntary relaxing of the sphincter whenever the detrusor contracts strongly enough.

Normally the detrusor muscle will not contract really strongly unless the bladder becomes very full (which is when we all have a feeling that we can't “hold it in” anymore). The fuller the bladder the stronger the contraction, until with or without our permission, the urine is expelled from the bladder. This is exactly what happens with urge urinary incontinence except that the detrusor muscle frequently contracts strongly when the bladder is not full. This means that at any time you could suddenly have that feeling that you need to get to a bathroom fast!..and if you don't make it in time whatever amount of urine is in the bladder will be expelled and you experience incontinence.

Urge incontinence (inappropriate bladder contractions) may be caused by misfiring nerves (neurological) or some intrinsic defect with the muscle that causes it to "squeeze" even if the bladder is not full. For this reason it is also known as "overactive bladder" becuase the bladder contracts frequently and randomly, irrespective of bladder fullness.

The cause of the unwanted contractions is often unknown, at which point it is referred to as "idiopathic urge incontinence".

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