Stress Urinary incontinence

Urine leakage caused by physical activity that places “stress” on the bladder and sphincter muscle.

Movements such as sneezing; coughing; laughing or playing sports etc, are particularly problematic. These types of physical activity may cause abdominal muscles to suddenly place pressure on the bladder, or cause too much movement of the urethra within the body.

In all cases, the sphincter muscle (which prevents urine being expelled from the bladder) needs to be healthy and strong to handle the increased pressure placed upon it. The problem may also be exacerbated if there is a weakness or defect of the sphincter muscle known as intrinsic sphincter deficiency.

detrusan® electrical stimulation therapy is designed to exercise the sphincter, this builds the muscle tone required to manage Stress Incontinence.

detrusan® is a breakthrough FDA approved therapy for the treatment of urinary incontinence. If you suffer from UI, please take the time to peruse the information in this site and see if detrusan® is right for you.

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